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California Notary Stamps

The ORIGINAL copy of your Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals which was sent to you by the Secretary of States' office must be mailed or brought to us before we can release your Notary Stamp.

Please forward to:

Bay Stamp & Engraving 

 Attn: Notary Production

1313-A Callen Street • Vacaville, CA 95688

We are required to procure the original, a faxed or photocopy is not valid.

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NOT-MP14 - Disclaimer Stamp
Pre-Inked Notary Disclaimer Stamp

Round Notary Seal, Round Notary Stamp, California Round Notary Seal
MicroPrinter Pre-Inked Round Notary Seal

High quality california notary stamp, high quality california notary seal
Small Notary Stamp

Notary Seal, California Notary Seal
Standard Notary Pre-Inked Stamp

California self inking notary stamp
Self Inking California Notary Stamp

BAG-NP-LG - Notary Supplies Bag<br>(Large)
Large 10" x 13" Lockable zippered supplies bag hold all of your notary supplies, including the Professional Notary Records Books, seals and stamps.

BAG-NP-SM - Notary Supplies Bag<br>(Small)
Small 6" x 12" lockable zippered supplies bag hold all of your small notary supplies.

California Notary Journal
Professional Notary Records Journal, Ledger Edition 132 Pages with 504 records plus instructions and duties. A California favorite.

THUMB-PTR - Inkless Ceramic Thumb Printer
Notary Public Stuff™ Inkless Ceramic Thumb Printer

LOCK-COMB - Combination Lock for Supplies Bag
Combination Lock for Supplies Bag. Set your own combination.

Professional notary journal
The Professional Notary Records Book™, Deluxe Hard Cover Edition, is the best Notary Records Book available. The added durability of the hard cover edition makes this book the discerning choice. Tracking notary activities in a notary journal is one of the most important things you can do as a Notary. It is a level of Professionalism and protection for you, your employer and your clients.

Notary thumbprint pad, Notary inkless fingerprint pad
Inkless thumbprinter pad