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Anonymous Award Program

Anonymous Award Program:

Would you like to recognize someone special

(or not so special) with a professionally engraved award

that shows up at their doorstep when it is least expected?

• You choose the award, the wording, logos, images

and we design, engrave, pack & ship it to the recipient.

Whether it’s a community volunteer, teacher, preacher,

municipal, county, state, or federal official,

or just a friend, club or organization leader or citizen

that deserves recognition, we

can create a beautifully engraved award that

they will cherish forever.

Maybe there is a political figure who gets on your

nerves and you want to let them know

how you feel! Send them an "award" to get their attention!

Politicians get many letters and probably don't read them, but they will read an "award."

You can be silly, funny, ornery, obnoxious or downright offensive! We are not the free speech police however threats will not be accepted or processed. 

Shipping/mailing: Actual Postage or UPS charges + packing material, and service fee are all in addition to design, layout, engraving and award cost. 

We have a complete in-house fulfillment program. Finished products can be mailed or shipped to multiple locations.

EMAIL us for details or a quote!